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January 12, 2015.........................

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The Triple Crown Series of Track King, often shortened to Triple Crown, comprises three races for three-year-old, four-year old, five-year old, and six-year old horses. Winning all three of these races in any age group series is considered the greatest accomplishment of a Track King Owner and their horse. Any Owner and Horse whom is able to achieve this feat will become legendary and immortalized in Track King History forever.

The Road To The Triple Crown was created to provide a structured season - and a structured 'lifetime Cup progression' - for your horses.

Thank you to all the generous sponsors who cups were able to make this Triple Crown Series possible for the Track King Community. Hareeba, Rafindale, The Alliance, Rhed, Allison Thoroughbreds, The Syndicate, and The Breeders Cup Sponsors.

Special Thanks to TK-Hairboy, for his unconditional support, being open minded and a visionary in seeing Track King grow to become more innovative.

3yo Triple Crown Series
4yo Triple Crown Series
5yo Triple Crown Series
6yo Triple Crown Series
Triple Crown Series Chart

Happy racing and good luck to all this season!



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