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UPDATED: December 28. 2014 8:22pm PST

*THREAD: Bot horse poll - by Oqaab - Posted 28 Dec 14, 00:57

That's a nice concept.
Should do to get new bloodlines in the game, good horses so that the market doesn't gets flooded by junk and rarely so that player dont go bankrupt due to not being able to sell their horses.
So train best horses and rarely. Voted F.

From: TK-hairboy *Owners Club - Posted 28 Dec 14, 01:00
Good point - better horses mean there's always a market for the lower raters..... but agree, too many could well tilt the balance away from the old train-to-sell possibilities

From: kdhmhe *Owners Club - Posted 28 Dec 14, 01:03
I like the idea, and I think it would add some new bloodlines and help out the market inflation. I was between b and c. Though it would be nice if most were mid OR, 40-60 and few being super nice. Adds some more auction hunting intrigue to the game which has been low the last few seasons.

From: Sinth *Owners Club - Posted 28 Dec 14, 02:41
The horse must have half decent genes or it may not be worth it.
Voted E


*THREAD: Mudlarks
- by TK-hairboy - Posted 27 Dec 14, 10:41

Hey guys,

Just letting you all know of a small "nerf" that has been made.

Mudlarks have been coming out of muddy races much too fresh for my liking, and so although they will retain exactly the same benefits during the race, they should now show a similar level of exertion to "any other horse on any other track" after the race. They'll still undoubtedly be fresher than other horses on a wet track though..... their finishing physical condition should be more in line with (for example) an unstyled horse on a dry track.

Let me know if you experience anything odd, so I can finetune further. The more info you provide the more likely I am to be able to respond ..... Continued


*THREAD: limited by OR races - by freak - Posted 27 Dec 14, 09:26

am I just having a senior moment or have these just disappeared?.... Continued


*THREAD: Horse Prestige - by Graydog - Posted 23 Dec 14, 11:26

This is just a thought but would anyone else think it would be cool to have prestige for horses? It could be another way to rank and compare horses based on wins, quality of wins etc. Could also be assigned for studs and breeding success. It could be a useful tool when auctioning horses too. Anyways, not a fully formed thought but thought I would throw it out there and see what others thought..... Continued


*THREAD: Ps4/Xbox - by ItsMe - Posted 27 Dec 14, 05:23

So I finally jump on this online thing for a bit to see what some friends and colleagues say about this "online" play and the system gets hacked. Normally do any of you out there play these games? I've normally been a sports and role playing game fan so rarely do I (when I play) do anything online but have been on vacation for a bit and realize that I've been missing out. Been playing plants vs zombies garden edition and been amazed at this game (shows how out of it I am) as my daughter has been playing it for awhile. Anyone else impacted by the blasted hack and if not what are you playing these days?.... Continued


*THREAD: heard about these stables? - by SeaFish - Posted 24 Dec 14, 20:42

Just asking...

Anyone heard about these stables?

assclowns stables
Coward Savior

I think these are the previous managers of my stable... Continued


*THREAD: New Race limits - OR
- by TK-hairboy - Posted 26 Dec 14, 21:47

Hey guys,

Just letting you know the min/max rating restriction has now been added as a separate feature to all races, which means it's possible to have a race restricted by both OR and earnings/maidens/debutantes/yearlings/ownerbreeder/etc

Please let me know if you notice anything unusual in creating/maintaining/entering any of these races or cups and I'll check it out.... Continued


*THREAD: Where to go??? - by Jimbotswana - Posted 26 Dec 14, 03:24

With the window now closed. I hope you all got the track you were hoping for.

I'm guessing that LOWE will now be a very formidable track due to a few recent additions. Check out the calibre of its class 1 players!!

Here's wishing everyone a happy and profitable season 30.

It's back to the semi-hibernation cave for me so I'll see you all again at the end of March.

Jim ....Continued

Wichita Falls FORUM
THREAD: YEARLINGPULLSONLY - by /Blaze141920 ....Continued

From: mroecker *Owners Club - Posted 23 Dec 14, 21:22
Set up the first YP race of the season. It's a busy card. Zane has set up a bunch of OR restricted races.

From: Zane *Owners Club - Posted 24 Dec 14, 20:33
I think I set up a bunch of races on monday the 5th. So if you setup a yp race that day by mistake let me know I can always makes one for fri the 9th. I still have 20-25 mill in the coffers.

From: Fitzy *Owners Club - Posted 25 Dec 14, 23:16
send me invites for both races pls, that way i wont forget them lol.

From: Fitzy *Owners Club - Posted 28 Dec 14, 16:05
2nd done for the 16th.


*THREAD: New Season
- by riverrat
- Posted 23 Dec 14, 10:52

If I am counting correctly, it looks like we currently have 16 Class One stables for the next season. That should make for some great league racing! Welcome to the new stables!!


Wichita Falls FORUM
*THREAD: Top Tipster - ErehwonWarriors *Owners Club - Posted 23 Dec 14, 12:23

FINAL UPDATE SEASON 29.............

Lynn 5333 14 pts Joint tipster of the week Cool
Janet 5333 14 pts Joint tipster of the week Cool
ABM 4523 14 pts Joint tipster of the week Cool
EW 3533 14 pts Joint tipster of the week Cool
Fitzy 3343 13 pts...

...Final standings Season 29.... Continued


Long Beach Shores FORUM
*THREAD: Welcome to the sun & fun - by HorsePrincess - Posted 22 Dec 14, 21:48

Time to welcome a few new stables to Long Beach for Season 30. Glad y'all made the move to such a great track Wink

Class 1:
Zombi31 of win the day
blacktrader of traderdelight
and newly promoted Gray Dog of Gray Dog Stables

Class 2:

Class 3:
jinks of Collingwood Stud
KyanaMcCoy of Kyana Bluegrass

Class 4:
MattSt52 of Scatillac Otis
DCG1 of Delco
newly promoted Jamball of Teasdale Parks

So nice to have y'all here...hope you feel like you are home

From HorsePrincess - Posted 22 Dec 14, 21:54

while we are at our welcomes...might as well say Good-bye to those few that left us Sad

woodchuckers of woodchuckers has moved to Lowe
deezi of RCS Locos has moved to Eire
sardean of sardean lodge has moved to Osaka
shetan83 of Seven Sisters Stable has moved to Gran Munich (gasp!)
Jukeboxster of Valley of the Kings has moved to Kalahari Flats

Good luck at your new tracks...Continued


Long Beach Shores FORUM
*THREAD: Rivalry Cup - by Oqaab ....Continued

From: HorsePrincess - Posted 17 Dec 14, 21:38
Oh Long Beach Shores...it's time to shake off that sand and send your horses & jockeys to battle! The Clash of the Titans Rivalry Cup has been fully supported and is scheduled to run starting December 27th. http://www.trackking.org/cups.php?cupid=140&comm=y First round of races go off at Asia's Great Himalayan Track. Remember you need 12 hours to travel your horse, so horses need to be entered by Thursday next week. Also bots enter this week-end so get in early especially if you need to run a particular race. Saturday's races: starting with the first one http://www.trackking.org/race.php?c=2&t=00&r=8983 and Sunday's races: starting with the first one on the card: http://www.trackking.org/race.php?c=2&t=00&r=8989

Y'all should have invites already for the cup. Even if you are moving tracks this week-end you will still have an invite and can run in this cup. We need all the entries we can get to put these guys in their place

Osaka Bay FORUM

*THREAD: Osaka Cup boasting thread - by noddy

From: noddy - Posted 28 Dec 14, 01:37
Had a tear in my eye yesterday as Flexible ambled over the line in the GnuMad - tried to win that trophy for 20 seasons and now back to back wins... Am going to miss Flexible I think he is the best horse I've ever trained.

Also nice to do a double on the River Nile card with Baron Kublai peforming slightly above expectations in the Jewel final. All in all a pretty decent season cup wise for me, now to try and get back the top ten of the league next season.

From: noddy - Posted 28 Dec 14, 01:45
A special mention should be made of Maj's super win in the Blitzen Cup. It's great that a class 3 stable won TK's premier Christmas race

There should be an enquiry as to why Rhed's Mud Lark (and most peoples favourite to win) was so awful.....


*THREAD: New Stable
- by Sardean - Posted 20 Dec 14, 16:22

hello everyone at Osaka,

I am just wishing to introduce myself, Sardean trainer of Sardean Lodge. I am a new Class 2 stable to Osaka formerly Class 3 at Long Beach Shores.

Thank you all for your hospitality..... Continued

Grand Munich FORUM
*THREAD: Rivalry Cup - by Dotties ....Continued

From: Dotties - Posted 26 Dec 14, 22:26
A little worried as if we do not have more entries we are going to lose this in the first round

From: RIVERDANCER58 *Owners Club - Posted 27 Dec 14, 00:42
sorry been having problems with my computer I was going to enter the second race but ran out of time,sodding updates get on my nerves. Adrian

From: alexander - Posted 27 Dec 14, 22:50
Were winning 14 - 16 after first days racing. Come on Gran . Peace

From: Smoggie - Posted 27 Dec 14, 22:55
Great job on race day 1. Sunday is all about the bots, could still go either way here.

From: Stiffy *Owners Club - Posted 28 Dec 14, 14:37
Let's get ready for the next push, good people at Gran!

If you have a decent horse to enter in the last round, remember to get in there now.

I have thrown my best horses at this, and hope you will follow me. We don't want to be laughed at for ages, do we?!

From: alexander - Posted 28 Dec 14, 17:58
We are 5pts up after round one. Gran is to classy to lose to any other region. We are the Bees Knees. Peace


*THREAD: S30 YP league
- by sk091175 ....Continued

From: sk091175 - Posted 26 Dec 14, 03:24
The YP Races will be over at London again and over all distances just rotating through them all.

Anyone willing to Sponsor the race set up will be-

Purse 100,000
Entry 5,000

Invites - invite all the sponsors on the YP list first then start going through the 2yo and 3yo sponsor list until you´ve none left.

So dont forget when setting races up

Yearlings born within the past 7 days

and of course


Some good turnouts last season

All in all there should at least 3 big races per week, giving valuable app jockey training points

When setting up races look at the racecard first
if no races have been set up


You may have to set up a filler FIRST if a

UnderOR60 race

has already been set up

Fillers can be anything you want
the minimum purse is 10,000.

10 week format, rotating distances.

Wk 1 – Jan 16th - Sprint = Stewwillwin
Wk 2 – Jan 23rd - Short = Smoggie
Wk 3 – Jan 30th - Med = TheEdge
Wk 4 – Feb 6th - Long
Wk 5 – Feb 13th - epic
Wk 6 – Feb 20th - Sprint
Wk 7 – Feb 27th - Short
Wk 8 – Mar 6th - Med
Wk 9 – Mar 13th - Long = Magoo
Wk 10 – Mar 20th - epic

From: sk091175 - Posted 26 Dec 14, 03:24
Updated list

10 week format, rotating distances.

Wk 1 – Jan 16th - Sprint = Stewwillwin
Wk 2 – Jan 23rd - Short = Smoggie
Wk 3 – Jan 30th - Med = TheEdge
Wk 4 – Feb 6th - Long = Ersins
Wk 5 – Feb 13th - epic = Korhan
Wk 6 – Feb 20th - Sprint = Stinky
Wk 7 – Feb 27th - Short = wraslar
Wk 8 – Mar 6th - Med = RubinJet
Wk 9 – Mar 13th - Long = Magoo
Wk 10 – Mar 20th - epic

Just one more and we are full, great effort by all

From: sk091175 - Posted 28 Dec 14, 10:39
Week 1 YP race has been set up and invites sent out to sponsors
I have created an App jockey XP builder for Friday 9th Jan @ London Bridge PM me for invites
4 YO short App jockey only



London Bridge FORUM

*THREAD: S29 Apprentice League - by GM-ersins - Posted 19 Dec 14, 12:13

The final standings at the end of the Season 29 London Apprentice League:



Many, many congratulations to Superwoogie of Woogle Wood and Almo89 of Tersk Stud Farm for their excellent wins in 2yo and 3yo series respectively.

Well done guys

Both winners receive one season's Owners' Club, plus a fine trophy.

Many thanks for all those taking part this season.

And a special big thank-you to all the sponsors who this season, and in many other previous seasons, generously put up their hard earned funds to sponsor the races.


Eire Free FORUM
*THREAD: Season 29 -
by Sinth ....Continued

From: Shaderon
- Posted 17 Dec 14, 00:51
It was a good season, I really enjoyed it despite having to divide my attentions with exam revision etc.

Well done Chrissya, and everyone else who came above me. Winning at this track isn't handed on a plate and it's a really good group here.

From: chrissya *Owners Club - Posted 17 Dec 14, 03:46
Thanks for the kind words guys
to win in this league is a real challenge
and to finish in front of some quality stables is a good achievement i thought .
i know how good all you guys are and this is a good venue.
i hope it can keep being a great venue to race at for seasons to come.

Australian FORUM
*THREAD: S29 2yo Champions Series - by hareeba - Posted 19 Dec 14, 23:16

Congratulations to all the winners in the 2yo Champions Series for season 29!

Special mention to B’s Arctic and Closing Zenobia who completed the Breeders Sprint & Golden Slipper double, and Breeders Long & Grand Prix Stakes double respectively.

Golden Slipper:@Mato Grosso WET
Winner: B’s Artic, mudlark (BIGB)
2nd: Monsoon, mudlark (blazinfast)
3rd: Pompey Power, competitive (pompeyfluff)

Sires Produce Stakes:@Rocky Mountain Ridge GOOD
Winner: No Ringy No Dingy, competitive (Angel)
2nd: Brass Door, fast finisher (Gavstar)
3rd: Sights Barren, early sprinter (mike1990)

Champagne Stakes:@Mato Grosso WET
Winner: Dublin, mudlark (GM-Riddley)
2nd: Destiny, mudlark (doneill)
3rd: Smoke On The Water, mudlark (GM-ersins)

Grand Prix Stakes:@Sydney Harbour DEAD
Winner: Closing Zenobia, natural champion (ManorPark)
2nd: Kahikatoa, natural champion (patrickhogan)
3rd: Redwood Original, natural champion (Oz5680)

Until next season where we unearth our next batch of champion 2yos!


Adelaide Districts FORUM
*THREAD: Season 29 - by GM-Poida ....Continued

From: dbfoz - Posted 16 Dec 14, 12:32
Congrats Fernbank Park on the season victory, and to everyone else who made top 5 congrats, good seasons racing guys.

From: GM-Poida - Posted 16 Dec 14, 21:49
Yep, congrats, Fernbank, a fine effort and thanks to all for another great season of racing.

From: Henrygom *Owners Club - Posted 18 Dec 14, 20:14
Thanks guys, my first Class 1 win and totally unexpected at the beginning of season. Got very competitive in the last few weeks with lots of lead changes and got down to the last race.
Feel very fortunate and look forward to next season.


Lower Melbourne FORUM
*THREAD: S30 - by Brodders

From: Brodders - Posted 24 Dec 14, 17:25
Welcome to S30

What does this season have in store for us?

Who will be taking part here in C1, C2, C3, C4 & C5 LOWE?



*THREAD: Plans for S30
- by Brodders - Posted 17 Dec 14, 19:55

What's the plan then guys? Will their be much movement over the next 8 days?

From: crowsrock *Owners Club - Posted 19 Dec 14, 15:51
I'm going to be moving out, chasing a dry track for Great in the sprinters shield. Will be back in 3 seasons tho.

From: woodchucker *Owners Club - Posted 19 Dec 14, 17:19
i am moving in always wanted to race at lowe

From: Brodders - Posted 20 Dec 14, 06:06
Great news, be great having you at LOWE, teach me the art of breeding ftw. lol

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