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November 20, 2014

SYDN25 Track King Masters Cup Final (2,750m)
Proudly sponsored by Track King
This race is to be held at the Sydney Harbour Racecourse, Australia Sat 22 Nov 14, 04:00

1. 1,1,1,1,1 Tripp Leilani 9yo (Manor Park Stud) Dirk Grano
From the top stable in the game, Tripp Leilani is the premier stayer in the game is a winner of 7 World Cups and one Classic. Among those World Cup victories is 2 masters wins and with the premier jockey on board Dirk Grano with no less than 15 victories in World and Regional Cups this pairing even on slow ground looks unbeatable this Saturday. Dance

3. 1,1,1,1,1 Diva Salacia 9yo (Prancing Winners) Willia Ihlenfeld
Diva Salacia no slouch in winning World Cups 6 in all is a muddie and with ground likely to be slow looks some chance of a top 3 in this Final. Has a very experienced jockey on board with a combination of 5 World and Regional Cups to his credit so another good pairing for this Masters Final, very much in the hunt. Yes

5. 2,1,2,1,1 Chili Sidney 10yo (woodchuckers) Tamala Bailard
This mare has placed in a number of the epic Regional races with a 2nd her best result so this is a big step up from that level none the less is very experienced and has a experienced jockey on board so this unstyled mare might be in the mix for a top 5 finish.

6. 1,1,1,2,1 B's Bellamy 7yo (BIG-B) Mari Brazzell
This young 7yo muddie is a winner of 4 World Cups in the age ranks so without doubt its biggest test to date, but in the hands of a multiple Cup winning trainer one can presume this mare will be among those fighting it out for the minor money and will no doubt in seasons ahead contest for a Masters title.

7. 1,1,1,1,2 Lussum Peeling 9yo (Nashayman) Monnie Vonderheide
well bred 9yo stallion with a history of cup winners in the family this stallion is no different
lussum peeling a winner of last season mato classic
and does carry strong league form into this final may find the going tough but i am sure the trainer has lussum peeling primed and i think this stallion a top 5 chance based on its recent form

8. 1,1,2,1,1 Huckleberry 9yo (The Dog Food Factory) Jonnie Sullens
another 9yo stallion winner of 2 classic and a aussie epic in the age ranks
so this stayer has nice history coming and and good recent form .
if their is one query its such a heavy jockey on the light weight huckleberry so he may tire late but given its a muddie you never know .

9. 1,1,1,1,3 Grimm Peracles 9yo (Marcellas Lodge) Elenor Deltora
a 10yo mare who run 3rd in her heat this is a big rise in class on that heat and given her rating and style may just find the runners a bit to slick on saturday even on soft ground .

10. 9,1,3,2,2 Fantastic 9yo (Smogville) Nidia Speagle
Yet another 9yo and a muddie and out of the Smoggie stable a man that knows how to get the most out of his runners no doubt. May find this Masters really hard but you never know.

11. 1,1,1,1,3 Cincinatti 5yo (racingstable) Fransisca Palmberg
Cincinatti only a baby at 5yo ran a nice 3rd last Saturday being a muddie the ground won't be a problem the class of other runners might be but Racingstable still in Class 4 and with such a young stayer you have to admire him taking on such a big challenge so Ihope his young stayer runs a nice race.

12. 1,7,5,1,1 Piri Reis 8yo (kingstown) Hedwig Desatnik
This 8yo stallion has nice recent form with a win in last Saturday Classic heat being is out of the Kingstown barn who also knows how to get the most out of his runners, but is a touch underdone so may struggle late in the race.

13. 8,1,4,2,11 Samsons Razor (Barrastock Stables) Cody Colebrook
Another very young stallion only 4yo, but given its not always easy to qualify for a Masters for some this stable has taken the chance to run this youngster. Huge test for Samson Razor and he may finish at the tail end of the field but who is to say in the future we won't see this young stud contest in a classic or another Masters.

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November 13, 2014

MEDI49 3yo Medium Breeders Cup Final (1,800m)
Proudly sponsored by TK Newbies Helpfile
This race is to be held at the Mediterranean Coastal Racecourse, Europe Sat 15 Nov 14, 10:36
1. Salem Gunnar (tatter ridge) Veronique Morn(A)
By Sludgy Vissy this filly ran 8th in her Heat is not in the best of nick and may struggle in this Medium Final given the depth of talent in it.

2. Holy Matrimony (Lozzy Stables) Summer Muskthel
By Toyboy Nature this colt has a nice bit of experience and won his Heat last Saturday so the trainer will be looking for more of the same. Ground at this stage may go against Holy Matrimony, but you never know.

3. Daidoji Uji (Pegasus) Zora Vanderwyk
By Kakita Shimazu this gelding has yet to place in any of his 3 starts but been around the mark one would think it would need to improve quite a bit to place.

4. Lay Lady Lay (trouble racing) Jenifer Markve
By Don Laguna this filly has been very consistent with a win and a place from its 5 starts.
qualified with a 4th in her Heat with her style being competitive lay lady lay may be around the top 5 with a bit of luck

5. Who Shot Thebarman (Le Saint Stables) Ione Krystal
By Skyler this filly has yet to find its best form did qualify with a 7th and may find this Breeders field a touch to good to contest for a top 3.

6. Galilei (Shinibana) zekiel Prentis
By Newton has been a top runner for the stable Newton unlucky not to have won a Cup but in Galilei we might see this son of Newton score a win there is a lot to like about this colt winner of 2 of its 3 starts and a win in his Heat would be no surprize to see Galilei win on Saturday.

7. Karmic Guarantee (DPK Stables) Robbi Quinley
By Daredevil this colt has been ultra consistent one win from 5 starts, but been in the money all 5 time. Ran a nice 3rd in his Heat may have to lift to also place.

8. Showgirl Gemma (O Buadhaigh) Elicia Mould
By Dew Vote Doosit this unstyled ran 3rd in her Heat so condition maybe in doubt. Only the one start so may find the step up in class a bit much, still the trainer will be hoping for a good run from Showgirl Gemma.

9. Warcraft Haylees (Sycamore) Cherri Jablon
By Baracaspur and young stallion from the stable ran 4th in his Heat Sunday and like others appears to be a bit underdone so may find the race conditions a bit tough.

10. Devine Aznavour (zanzibar) Wally Delcine
By Raven this colt qualified via a 4th in the Saturday Heat is fit and been very consistant to date being a Natural Champion may find this a bit short so expect Devine Aznavour to finish on late.

11. Knife Mikey (Markolino Stable) Robbyn Kreinhagen(A)
By Kwon Believer this 3yo colt ran 8th in its Heat looks like it may start the race as fit as it could be and with the stable apprentice on board may struggle in Saturday Final.

12. Ceres Samoan (Back in black) Tish Metaxas
By Spartacus only the one start for 6th in last Saturday Heat is nicely rated and being fit and Natural Champion may run a very nice final here so maybe one to watch.

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November 13, 2014

ARDE5 2yo Limited Breeders Cup Final (1,500m)
Proudly sponsored by TK Newbies Helpfile
This race is to be held at the Ardennes Hills Racecourse, Europe Sat 15 Nov 14, 10:38
1. Goodnight Irene (Gaspers) Xuan Lorino
By Straight Liner this nicely bred 2yo filly has had 2 starts and with a nice 1st in her Heat takes some nice form into the final one of the best rated 2yo in the race. Gaspers must be taking some nice confidence in and looks like one of the ones to beat .

2. Dirty Sexy Money (Team Monkfish) Lenore Milanese(A)
By Greenback Boogie this filly ran a good 2nd to Pearl Buffalo in her Heat. That being the only start. with the stable apprentice on and a nice draw the trainer will be hoping for a good result in this final.

3. Shergar Spark (Willow Creek) Misha Burback(A)
By Easter And this 2yo filly ran 7th in her Heat and looks pretty likely that she will struggle in this Final given its not going to be fit.

4. Polly-Anna Cuervo (Briarwood Stables) Gisele Cierpke
By Speedysu Leberkas Polly-Anna Cuervo ran in the Sunday Heat and recorded a 2nd to qualify for this Breeders Final. This stable still in their early seasons must be pleased to be in this final and hoping to have a good result.

5. Bailout Knows (Medow Stud) Mazie Norkin
By Jumpin' The Gun this 2yo has only had the one start that being a 3rd in the Sunday Heat.
This muddie being well suited to the ground with a pro on board will likely struggle given a lack of fitness.

6. Pearl Buffalo (Setiono Stud Farm) Kimberlee Apsey
By Tangles so very well bred is one of the best rated and has some serious form going in with 2 wins from as many starts. Like others in the field, may come up short fitness wise, but this breakaway may still run a good race and have a top 3 chance.

7. Ball Jack (Setiono Stud Farm) Shaunte Cleven
This filly is also by Tangles and stablemate of Pearl Bufflo, had a fantastic 2nd in the London Apprentice opener in a big field and now takes in a good 2nd in the heat last week like others her condition is a bit below par and may find the going tough late but with pro on board may yet be among the top 3 of this field.

8. Furious (The Greys) Shona Latulas(A)
By Moneyball this 2yo ran in a Saturday Heat for a 4th. Being a muddie and in better condition than some others, Furious may be one that may improve. Time will tell how much come the Final.

9. Oma Darlin Toffee (JadeSoo) Apprentice/unlisted
Another colt that may struggle to see sunday given the condition but the trainer has him in so maybe wont see the best of results .

10. Grange Paintbrush (JamesBrown) Joesph Brock
By Paulo Cully well bred colt from the winning stable of last season's 2yo Limited Breeders Cup, this unstyled colt may have fitness on his side and with a 2nd and then a 6th in his Heat he still looks to be contender in this Final and give the trainer a second World Cup.

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November 13, 2014

GRET51 3yo Short Breeders Cup Final (1,450m)
Proudly sponsored by TK Newbies Helpfile
This race is to be held at the Great Himalayan Racecourse, Asia Sat 15 Nov 14, 07:10

1. Adlestrop (Woogle Wood) Walton Rudnitski
Another Addie Over Red this time paired with the dual Magic Mile winner Pursuit Of Spring,
maybe will find this race a tad short but this fast finisher did run on for a nice 3rd in her Heat.
The stable has been in good form of late so one would suspect Adlestrop will again and be around the top 3.

2. Danish Viking (Prancing Winners) Lara Racicot
Christiania Spirit is the sire here is another from the stable to step out for another tilt at a Breeders crown this weekend. Danish Viking had some good form leading into the Breeders and qualified with a 6th on dead ground so on firmer ground will look to improve come the final.

3. Master Of Puppets (Bristol Turks) Mary Kneser
This colt is out of Money Immortal and has done well to date with 2 wins in its 5 starts.
Another fast finisher who on a dead track qualified with a good 4th. Now its likely to be a good deck, Master of Puppets may find itself in the money .

4. Acceleration (The Farmhouse Stud) Tricia Vagnier
Gold Rush is the sire here and yet another from the Farmhouse barn to run Breeders this season. Acceleration is no stranger to the winning circle having won the 2yo Breeders Sprint Cup last season. With a easy run in the Heat, I have no doubt this colt will be primed for another shot at Breeders Cup glory.

5. Western (DR Stables) Otha Guttierez
Western has a lot to live up to as Carnival Cruize is the dam a 4 time Cup winner. Western will continue on with what has been a strong history of cup winners in this family. Western comes in with a nice 5th and yet no one can ever underestimate any runner from this stable given its record in Breeders over many seasons.

6. Does Mcqueen (JamesBrown) Carlos Cullivan
Another sired by Gold Rush this filly with strong form leading into this final, was the winner of the Limited 2yo Breeders, also a winner of its Heat last weekend, but for Jamesbrown this final will be his filly biggest test to date .

7. Pom Queen (Desert Wind Stables) Donnette Filonuk
Out of the very busy sire King Of The Hill, Pom Queen with 3 starts and one win did run a impressive 2nd in her Heat. Based on that we can expect the very experienced Rhed to send out Pom Queen and be in the mix for a top 3 if not a win, would be a big highlight for the stable and add to a previous Breeders win with Pride Gayride

8. Carina Star (woodchuckers) Elene Muckenthaler
By Velocity Tango this filly has done well in her 5 starts so far with 3 wins, but did find the going tough in the 2yo Breeders Cup with a 4th in the Final, comes in to this Final on the back of her Heat win. She has a new hoop on board, but given her form to date could still be in with some chance.

9. Great-Da Red Lion (Greatest Stable Ever) Jesus Pennington
This colt from both a sire and dam from the stable has struggled to date with a 9th in his Heat, but this is a very seasoned trainer and his stable has been able to produce many times in Cups so expect improvement if not in this final, in the seasons ahead.

10. Lambda Provoke (ghanainternational) Amada Oblow
Sired by Symbol Wednesday this colt up until an out of character 7th in his Heat has been consistent with its best result 2nd in the 2yo Sprint Breeders Cup so one would expect vast improvement in this final. Given the recent success in Cups I am sure Alexander will be looking to add to them this season. PEACE

11. Jumpin Frisk (Kings Crown) Anastasia Woodcock
Out of Lefty Tadpole the young stud from Kings Crown barn caused what many would of thought a upset in the Heat last week. It was a very impressive effort from this Class 3 stable which shows what can be done. Jumpin Frisk previous runs in a Cup was last season's 2yo Limited Breeders Cup with a 6th. This final will be its biggest test and the trainer will be hoping for another good run from his filly.

12. Young Boy (YellonkY) Josef Pelley
By Attila The Hun and Genevieve a pair from the YellonkY, looks to have produced another good runner with a good 3rd in her Heat. With the stable having won a couple of Breeders' Cup titles already, we can expect Young Boy to perform well with the competitive streak kicking in late.

13. Drift It (Allison Racing) Dominique Marrs
Well bred colt out of Guaranteed and Danedream one would expect a good runner. He may not yet of struck its best form, but its early days and with a nice 4th in his Heat and only 2 starts to date we may expect good things from Drift It in seasons ahead .

14. Untold Crescent (AL Stables) Terry Mcmurrin(A)
By Alladin Sane its great to see a Class 4 stable having a go. Untold Crescent however, is not in the best condition and may be best rested, but its in and I wish the stable well

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November 12, 2014

GRET50 Breeders 4yo Sprint Final (1,150m)
Proudly sponsored by TK Newbies Helpfile
This race is to be held at the Great Himalayan Racecourse, Asia Sat 15 Nov 14, 07:08

1. Regius Rocket (Prancing Winners)

Delphia Scantling - this young stallion is out the multiple cup winning Regalis Tiara. Regius continues the stables long line of competitive runners to have hit the cup scene. He ran a nice 4th in its heat with a nice draw. This early sprinter with better ground may be around the top 5.
2. Kingslayer (Speed Breed) Penni Waitman
Bred out of Some Ruler Xfactor, a consistant producer of some top breeding stock and of course multiple cup winners. Kingslayer had a jockey change 3 runs back with Waitman hopping on board and has since produced its best form. So after a strong win in the Heat he must now be seen as a serious contender.
3. Min Sofa (Manor Park Stud) Deedee Lohrmann
Min Sofa is out of Addie Over Red and to date has been the standout of his offspring with 3 cups to her credit. Min Sofa follows a long list of strong runners to compete in the Breeders Cups and with the 2yo Breeders already to her name one must think with top hoop Deedee Lohrmann on board and a easy run for 3rd in her Heat, she can rise to the top in what could be a tight Cup.
4. Jaqen H'ghar (Speed Breed) Franklin Tepler
Jaqen H'ghar is the second runner from the Speed Breed barn. This stallion's dam was Rose Tyler and is a half brother to stablemate and multiple cup winning Arya Horseface. Maybe has not set the world on fire to date, but a good 3rd in his Heat see him join Kingslayer in the final.
5. Black And Yellow (The Farmhouse Stud) Charlene Brosi
Out of the mass producing Farmhouse barn and another from Tangles, this mare has had a lots of ups and downs with its best result a 3rd in the 2yo Sprint Breeders Cup. One would think with such a easy run in the Heat and its overall rating, its going to be among the contenders come Saturday.
6. Kartalbatur (Yorulmaz) Lucretia Coury
Out of Jelly Grey II who has produced some nice runners and here with Kartalbatur, we see a nice muddie that's produced its best form of late with 2 wins. The biggest battle this young stallion faces is the ground likely good. It may curb Kartalbatur come race time.
7. Lord Snowdon (woodchuckers) Keven Amedeo
Mr consistent is Lord Snowdon who has been in the money all 10 starts and placed in a few Cups, but is yet to take out the big prize. Is sired by multiple Cup winning sprinter Tantric Wasted and has time on its side to produce a top result with a nice 2nd on dead. This early sprinter on the more solid ground is in the mix.
8. I'll Follow You (Moonlight Stables) Mira Rhodd
Is out of the stallion Dolby Colorado. Maybe not the best known of studs, but has produced a number of offspring, maybe none better than I'll Follow You. Has nice form going in to the final with 2 wins and a place from her last 3 starts. This is a big step on her previous start, but I am sure her trainer will give her every chance on the day.
9. Chivalry (countrry boy) Rita Moxness
Henry Morgan is the sire here and Chivalry an unstyled, is yet to find its best form. None the less he made the final and with the stable having had some Cup success you just never know how much improvement may come from Chivalry.
10. Snowflake Obsidian (Karaka Breeders) Kaci Iller
Exceed And Excel is the sire and produced many cup winners snowflake among them,
a winner of the 3yo Short Breeders Cup. This mare as usual will be turned out well by Karaka and again clash with Min Sofa in what could be a very quick final. So a top 3 result even a win, is within this mares ability.
11. Zebra Poseur Never (The Willow's Elite) Delorse Bocek
Out of Sleipnir who it self was very well bred. Zebra Poseur Never is in this final via a 2nd in her Heat Sunday. She has also placed in most of her starts to date, so takes some solid form into the final, but with Gate 11 to contend with this may be her biggest hurdle. That said the mare is in good hands and being a fast finisher it may yet finish high up in this very competitive sprint final.

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October 26, 2014

Saturday we saw the 12th running of the Epsom Derby with 15 starters, 3 late entries. With the track dead it gave many a fighting chance. In such a even field we saw Cee Eee Oh start favourite from Maybe Next Season, with Pleasure And Pain 3rd line of betting .

1st Quarter: As the starter let them go, Cee Eee Oh took off with Maybe Next Season close behind. By the first quarter a group of four, Maybe Next Season, Decidedly, Spells Trouble and Pleasure And Pain were bunched with a small group in behind .

2nd Quarter: By 1200m mark Cee Eee Oh fell back and Warcraft Haylees moved up to the front group which was running a quick second quarter .

3rd Quarter: At the 1600m mark B's Brooke had moved with Kardinale who had been last at the 600m mark, right up behind second place Maybe Next Season, The pace runner Spell Trouble who at the 1200m mark had kicked away to be clear leader by 9 lengths, was going into the last 600m with other early pacesetters starting to feel the pinch.

4th Quarter: Kardinale took the lead by the 2200m mark with Spells Trouble starting to tire. Cee Eee Oh and Zipper Explosion had started their final finish by the last quarter and were cutting down the margin on the two in front with Sleepy Jean thundering home late after being over 60 off the lead at the 1400m mark. By the closing stages Zipper Explosion nabbed Spells Trouble and Sleepy Jean. Cee Eee Oh settled for 4th running the fastest quarter of the race, with Decidedly again finishing strong for 6th with a fast last quarter. But it was all Karindale's race winning by a big margin giving YellonkY his 7th World Cup. Being a 3 year old with more Cup competition certainly anticipated by the YellonkY staff, we should be in for some more exciting racing from this colt.

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The photo finish shows in second place #10 Zipper Explosion, third was #5 Spells Trouble, followed in fourth by #1 Sleepy Jean and #2 Cee Cee Oh got fifth.

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October 25, 2014 (Additional Entry)

Oct 25 LOND7 Epsom Derby Stakes (2423m)
Sponsored by Zephyr and other members of The Syndicate

The race is to be held at London Bridge Racecourse, Europe, at 10:30, Sat 25 Oct 14

1. SLEEPY JEAN (the Farmhouse Stud)
This well bred filly out of Tangles v Nurse Ratched had some early form as a 2yo running second in the Long Breeders Cup and has had solid form since coming into the final after a solid 4th in the Heat so given style and ground must be a show of a top 3 finish.

2. CEE Eee Oh (Angel Flight)
This unpredictable colt is one out of left field won a coup

le of Regionals and 4th in his Heat .their will be many who will doubt this colt can do well being unpredictable this colt may prefer the better ground, but being out of the ever reliable angel flight stable we may all be surprised.

3. Pleasure And Pain (Sootie)
Another colt bred this time by the successful sootie stable is also out of Tangles. This obedient muddie has a couple of 3rd place finishes from the Grand Prix and Epsom heat based on those runs another with a serious chance on the softer ground .

4. B's Brooke (BIG-B)
BIG-B certainly no stranger to running a stayer has a supreme record in staying races and now puts B's Brooke out in this Epsom final. This filly had a solid 5th on good ground but now on a softer surface. This mudlark is likely to give a bit more cheek given its experience so as always another BIG-B to contend with.

5. Spells Trouble (Clover Dip)
This impressive colt showed early promise with a Breeders crown it has since showed it will again contend after a good 2nd place in his Heat this clover dip colt form just makes picking the winner that much harder. Will certainly show in a tough final.

6. Decidedly (Cassie)
This jedimind bred colt does not have a lot of form to go off but its one run in its heat was very impressive and ran the fastest last qtr kind of makes one sit up and take notice.

7. Maybe Next Season (Goresbridge Stud)
This is a nicely bred filly out of the young stable stud Contrarian. This filly takes in some strong form into the Epsom, a solid 3rd from the 2yo Breeders Cup and a 1st up a win in the Epsom heat. One feels this filly has further improvement to come and will be in the finish and may bring home the stable's first world cup.

8. Warcraft Haylees (Sycamore)
Bred from the young stud Baracaspur this colt made its debut in a breeders heat. Has since ran a nice 4th in a regional and this mudlark makes the final after a 7th on good ground in its heat, but given the recent World Cup victory by Sycamore this stable will be out to improve in this Epsom final.

9. Saxson And (Stable JK)
Now Saxton And made the final via the Sunday heats, had a very nice win and considering it was its first start over the distance it must be giving this stable high hopes for the future. The major worry here on the filly is its fitness not its ability.

10. Zipper Explosion (Zephyr Racing Stable)
This 3yo filly is yet to quite find its feet, qualified with a 7th, but is in the hands of the very experienced Zephyr who would be hoping to see some improvement from the competitive filly. Time will tell how much we see come the final.

11. Visa Stony (Pinoy Racing Club)
This Class 4 stable has had solid results in recent time no more impressive the Epsom Heat won in fast time by Visy Stoney. This well bred filly from Weston Dix now heads into the final a reasonable chance. With such a wide draw, may have to find that bit extra to make top 5
but already we have seen Visa's ability.

12. Kardinale (YellonkY)
This filly out of ghost rider has 5 starts to its credit. Karindale has been a consistent performer in stakes races, but stepped out for her first Cup start in the Epsom Heat for a solid 3rd. With such a stable that delivers consistent performances Karindale is another in the mix which makes tipping for this Cup all that much more harder.

13. Right On Precious (The Spirit Room) *New Entry
This 3yo colt has had 4 starts and is a late entry into this Epsom final. He qualified via the Sunday Heat for a nice 2nd. He will start the final not in the best of condition so may likely will struggle in what appears a very strong field

14. Daddy Warbucks (Big Money) *New Entry
This well bred 3yo colt is out of the Troublemaker barn. He cost a healthy 4.4 million. Daddy a Natural Champion has run up until its 6th in the Epsom Heat 3 stakes races, but this is a step up in class on the stakes races. But regardless he could be in the mix for a top 5 finish.

15. Bank Robber (Big Money) *New Entry
The second starter from the big money stable. Like its stable mate she has experience from running stakes. With 5th in its Heat this filly a late entry may find the wide gate hard to overcome.


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