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December 26, 2014

RIVE2 The Emerald Shoe Final (1,450m)
Proudly sponsored by The Alliance
This race is to be held at the River Nile Delta Racecourse, America Sat 27 Dec 14, 12:45

1. 5,1,1,1,5 Kitty Karry-All (Angel's Flight) Kellye Mccorry
This well trained 5yo and 2 time World Cup winner has had the 3 starts this season with its only win in the local Cup the Vermillion. Previous winner of previous short Cups Sphinx and Epona will now aim to take out the Emerald. Kitty qualified with 5th in her Heat one would suspect Angel will of kept plenty in reserve for the final.

2. 1,1,3,1,4 Yabooty Highlight (Whispering Death) Tracey Vernoy
Has had 16 starts for 3 wins and 6 placings one of which was the stallion best result in a Cup the 3yo Sphinx so is no stranger to the track. Had a moderate 4th in his Heat but in the stable of a consistent Cup runner so improvement can be expected from the well bred stallion.

4. 1,2,1,1,2 Flying Harmony (flying spurs) Season Mazzarino
Here we see a very consistent performer in both stakes and Cup racing with her best result 3rd in last season Epona. With 16 starts under the belt and never been out of the money one would suspect this mare will again feature strongly in this hotly contested final.

5. 2,2,1,2,3 Alpha Prince (woodchuckers) Tamala Bailard
The son of Prince Charming, Alpha Prince has always shown some potential but has only just recently started to show it more often on the track by stringing together a win and 5 placings from his last 6 starts. One would suspect with his experience and improved form he may finally show what hes made of in this final.

6. 3,1,4,1,1 Augustus Approval (ghanainternational) Kati Moneymaker
Very well performed runner is Augustus Approval qualified with a nice win in her Heat so carries in some nice form into the final. She has already built a strong Cup record with 2 local Cup wins as well as a 3rd in the Sphinx and a 4th in last seasons Epona Cup so has some good form in the World Cups as well. So this daughter of Bossy Ruby looks capable of adding to his offspring list of Cup winners. Qualified with a win in her Heat so takes in some good form into the final.

7. 4,2,1,2,3 Heartbreakers (jeremyt) Sina Krawiecz
Very lightly raced mare with with only the 5 starts yet high experience. Has raced in a couple of class 2 league races and placed and ran 2nd in last season Epona Cup so based on what we have seen to date we have to give heartbreakers some serious consideration in this final that appears to be one of high quality.

8. 1,6,12,1,4 Gloster Meteor (Kafka's Knights) Mariana Cluver
Gloster Meteor has built a solid solid record with 11 starts and 6 wins but is yet to strike a blow in the Cups to date. Is in the hands of a very experienced trainer so you can be sure he will be trying all he can to turn around Gloster Meteor form in Cups and look for a improved showing.

9. 3,1,1,3,1 Neighbourhoodbully (trouble racing) Jenifer Markve
On face value built up a strong record with 6 wins from 11 starts but not always in the strongest of company. Until the Emerald Shoe Heat last week so maybe this stallion may step up to be a contender for a top finish in what appears a tough Cup to pick.

10. 10,3,3,5,2 Cool Dancer (Sin666) Tania Locust
Very experienced stallion with 21 starts and 6 wins and run everything from Cup races to league races with some moderate success in both, but this is a World Cup on the line and Cool Dancer did qualify with a 2nd in Saturday Heat so deserves some consideration even given Cool Dancer draw.

11. 2,2,3,2,7 Infowars Dot Com (djs stable) Sharon Perna
Well you can't say this 5yo stallion has not had a few runs 23 in all with a win. Qualified with a 7th and looks very much underdone and unlikely to be fit for the final so I suspect the trainer will be hoping his charge does not cop an injury.

12. 4,3,9,5,6 Talzanna Hand (Chingford Stable) Idella Mumbower
Another runner not short on race experience with 24 starts but is yet to score a win. Talzanna Hand best result in Cups is a 5th in the 4yo Breeders Sprint so has some ability. The biggest battles this stallion might have is firstly being fit and then the gate so in this Emerald Talzanna Hand may find the going very hard.

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December 26, 2014

RIVE5 Great Sphinx Final (1,466m)
Proudly sponsored by The Alliance
This race is to be held at the River Nile Delta Racecourse, America Sat 27 Dec 14, 13:30

1. 3,1,13,1,1 Does Mcqueen (JamesBrown) Carter Joki
Does Mcqueen a winner of the 2yo Limited Breeders crown and has 6 wins to her credit from 9 starts. Other than a 13th in this seasons 3yo breeders. Does Mcqueen has very good form coming into this season Sphinx final and given her good draw the trainer could not of done more so one to consider.

2. 6,1,4,3,3 Master Of Puppets (Bristol Turks) Mary Kneser
This colt has been very consistent to date has the 2 wins from his 7 starts and has form in the 2 previous Cups finals a 4th in the 2yo Breeders and a 3rd in the 3yo Short Breeders so puts Master of Puppets in the frame for a tilt at glory in this very competitive Sphinx final.

3. 2,1,7,4,1 Lambda Provoke (ghanainternational) Kati Moneymaker
Yet another quality runner from a barn that has started to reap the rewards of having great persistence, Lamba Provoke has had just the 6 starts for a couple of wins. This colt does have cup some form a 2nd in the 2yo Sprint Breeders and 4th in this season's 3yo Short Breeders as well a good 4th so another in the frame to be a contender this weekend.

4. 7,10,9 Kalamata (Whispering Death) Tracey Vernoy
No real form to go off as unplaced in all 3 starts to date so hard to get a line on this filly. That said I do know the stable always seems to train his horses well and kalamata may not contend this weekend but one maybe to keep a eye on in Cups later on.

5. 4,1,1,10,5 Carina Star (woodchuckers) Keven Amedeo
Very talented filly here shows fantastic speed but in recent starts yet has been very much out of sorts with her last win in the Short Breeders Heat. Has also placed in the 2yo Sprint Breeders so one must think on her day could take out this weeks Sphinx final .

6. 1,8,2,5,2 Pom Queen (Desert Wind Stables) Dominick Kliethermes
This 3yo filly has had 5 starts for the one win does have some form in the Cups with a 2nd in the recent 3yo Short Breeders Heat followed by a 5th in the final. As for the Sphinx Heats ran a 2nd last week so shows she has some ability to be in the mix for at least a top in this seasons final.

7. 5,1,2,3,6 Stardust Flyer (flying spurs) Oleta Mciver
Well bred filly very tall and shown to be very versatile has the one win the green apprentice was impressive that day and has been placed up to 2100m what all that mean search me means this horse can run has no Cup form as far as the World Cups go so one to consider if you like value.

8. 2,1,2,5,2 For My Dirty Love (Ezulwini) Rocio Lockamy
Has the 5 starts for the one win and what a win the 2yo Sires so this colt can run. I would think the trainer would be hoping the ground stays dead as on good may find the others a bit to slick for him but definate a colt of some ability.

9. 3,5,9,15,4 Great-Da Red Lion (Greatest Stable Ever) Reta Derrah
A nice 3yo colt here that's yet to show his true ability, but is in the hands of a very experienced trainer who knows how to win so Isuspect the run of outs won't go on for too much longer and Great-Da Red Lion will chalk up a win just maybe not in this season Sphinx.

10. 7,3,1,4,5 Young Boy (YellonkY) Fritz Reilly
Young Boy has been a bit up and down, but did save his best for this seasons 3yo Short Breeders and took out the crown so best judge this colt ability on that. Has done enough in other starts to as well to consider young boy among the contenders this weekend .

11. 3,8,1,2,4 Steppin' Ella (Chingford Stable) Idella Mumbower
Steppin' Ella well bred colt that's been a work in progress, but in recent starts has shown he has some ability and I am sure the trainer has some growing confidence that his colt will perform well in seasons to come. With further improvement a top 5 maybe with reach for the son of Repeated Beauty.

12. 2,1 Kushiel (Seven Sisters Stable) Devorah Mcmath
2 starts for Kushiel a 2nd in a Guineas Heat followed by a win in last week's Heats so the trainer has been very patient with the colt. Big step up in this final and the draw is a bit of a issue but i am sure the trainer will instruct her jockey to do all he can to give Kushiel some chance in this final that runs deep for talent.

13. 16,1,2,8 Canus Sharif (Speed Breed) Gerry Daulton
This stable has shown plenty in recent seasons in the sprint short ranks and I can assume Canus Sharif maybe another to shine in seasons to come has a win over 800m so can run. Was paired with Gerry Daulton for the first time in the Sphinx Heats and if the colt and jockey can make a better connection we might yet see a solid result from this pairing.

14. 3,7,1,2,6 Osaka Lovegood (Mudders Milk Stables) Breann Pinet(A)
Well bred filly that has a bit of form to her name has run up to epic distance, but looks to be carrying a injury and looks more likely than not to be out of racing a long time if she starts.

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December 26, 2014

LOND2 The Epona Cup Final (1,450m)
Proudly sponsored by Rhed
This race is to be held at the London Bridge Racecourse, Europe Sat 27 Dec 14, 09:15

1. 2,3,1,2,2 Hot N' Nasty (Angel's Flight) Brandie Barrowman
Well trained 4yo again out of the in form Angel Flight barn this talented mare was last season Sphinx winner to add to his horses chances is she is being ridden by very experienced Cup winning jockey. So does carry in some very consistent form so expect Hot N' Hasty again be a true contender in this season Epona.

2. 1,2,3,2,1 Flying Kaori (flying spurs) Trinh Dekine
Here we have the very ultra consistent Flying Kaori and looks to of improved by quite a lot since last seasons Sphinx has the 19 starts and 6 wins so knows were the winning post is so going on both recent form and the impressive Heat win so maybe Flying Kaori may still be at some value so consider for a top 3 finish.

3. 1,4,1,1,1 Seething Rain (Woogle Wood) Joe Kimsey
Another in form stable and winner of some recent Cups and I know this trainer has done all he can to give. Seething Rain every chance and from what we see other than the one hiccup in the last Sphinx Final this talented mare knows nothing bar the winning post so looks the one to beat based on a number of factors.

4.10,1,2,2,1 Scissor Kick (countrry boy) Emelda Riney
Been consistent over a number of distances, but may find this field a little too much even taking into account a Sunday Heat win so the connections will be hoping for a good result here .

5. 1,1,2,2,2 Oowu-Jah-Boo (Stella Bella Stables) January Collison
Has some good form on the board with 7 wins and placed in 6 other starts, but yet to run in the best of company and this Epona has some quality so will be pushing to get a top 5 in this particular Epona.

6. 1,1,2,1,2 Live And Let Die (Bristol Turks) Nicolas Baffa
Talented 4yo stallion that has 6 wins and been placed in all bar one start. Bristol Turks will be aiming to turn around last season Sphinx Final and go one better in this Epona Final so big watch on Live And Let Die in this final will be right in the finish and Ifeel it will be a very tight finish.

7. 10,4,1,2,4 Kashaaf Lantern (Wild Hawk Racing) Molly Dush
A solid performer is this 4yo mare and and will likely again run a solid race, but as we can see already its building to be down to probably 4 in the run home so Kashaaf Lantern may have to settle for fighting it out for the minor money.

8. 1,1,1,3,4 Bhavani Senseless (MLAVA RACING TEAM) Alton Trojan
Been steady in her starts to date but another that will find the class rise maybe a bit to great. So the trainer will have to have both horse and jockey fired up to perform at their very best in this Saturday final.

10. 12,1,2,1,5 Reach Danish (AAA Thoroughbreds) Ignacia Rysz(A)
Reach Danish a experienced mare that looks best suited to the dry ground so will find the going very hard. Also with the stable apprentice this young mare looks to have her work cut out this week.

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December 5, 2014

ROCK11 The American Cup Final (1,450m)
Proudly sponsored by Track King
This race is to be held at the Rocky Mountain Ridge Racecourse, America Sat 06 Dec 14, 17:50

1. Newton (Shinibana) Sheldon Finocan
How has such a talented stallion not won a Cup? Newton has been one of the most consistent short horses in the game dating right back to his 2yo season. Knocked up another win in his Heat and will again be considered a contender in this final made up of a number of champions.

2. Wild Athena (Troublemaker's) Shawnta Skevofilakas
Here we see a well bred multiple Cup winner of 4 age Cups. Wild Athena been running in the hot bed of leagues Gran Munich and performed well on all surfaces. Had a good 2nd to Jan Bannan who ran a slick time in his Heat. Given Wild Athena strong record has to be in the frame for a top 3 finish in this weekend Final.

3. Nurse Ratched (The Farmhouse Stud) Toney Sisson
Up until her Heat Nurse Ratched had been 18 wins together, but clearly the step up in class was too much for the mare and again will do it tough given on times has a big cap to close.
Nurse Ratched does have a good draw I am sure the trainer will be hoping for a good finish.

4. Tent Ramires Myth (Whispering Death) Tracey Vernoy
This 8yo mare qualified with a 4th in her Heat and looks to be up against it in the Final, has been a bit up and down in form and may lack the speed to go with the top short runners we see running today.

5. Huukme Maitland (Imperial Babanga) Riley Wollard(A)
Big surprise to see this runner in has struggled for form and now fitness so with the stable apprentice on board expect this runner to struggle and be lucky to escape injury.

6. Dreamin' Semolina (1stpasttheposts) Yuonne Lesniewski
This runner may not have the rating of some in this final but does have some have some good recent form and recently ran a 61.35 so well worth giving this 10yo a shot in a Cup Final before seasons end.

7. Jan Banan (smilers stable) Hyon Totin
In Jan Banan we did see the dominate runner in last weeks Heats with a clear cut best time and with a repeat of that Jan Banan will take out this seasons American Cup. But that was a Heat and as we all know Cups are not won in a Heat. So lets see if the quality runners in this field can bring down the high rated Jan Banan.

8. Diddy Nutmeg (paddy fitz racing) Apprentice/unlisted
low rated unfit runner that may get last rights after the final

9. Rising Darkness (Pool One7) Matthew Mavins
Very much a top shelf runner here winner of 2 age Cups and running some top class times in the lead up to this Cup will be hoping the ground is good and then would be the biggest danger to Jan Banan. In his Heat ran a 4th, fantastic when you consider the jockey on board, but this week there is no mistake and we will see Rising Darkness be right in this finish at the end.

10. Gazelle (Windy Ridge Racing) Chelsie Ya
This mare is not the highest rated but has the form and times on the board to go top 5 in this Final has been well ridden and had a good 2nd in last weeks Heats so don't be surprised if this lady runs a cheeky race.

11. Sparkler Playin' (Silver Fern Stables) Lucina Youngquist(A)
Another that with a low rating lacking fitness and only fair form will struggle to compete, is not fit so the trainer will be hoping to come out injury free.

12. Que Sera Sera (Angel's Flight) Deena Rotkovecz
A runner blessed by a Angel and has been a very consistent runner for the stable, place in many a Cup and always around the mark. One suspects this competitive will be in among the contenders near the end in full flight.

13. Coven Kirby (Willow Creek) Ilene Mcreath
Another unfit runner best left in the barn. I hope a vet is on call as a few runners may need more than a bit of attention.

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December 4, 2014

SYDN1 3yo Guineas Cup Final (1,600m)
Proudly sponsored by hareeba
This race is to be held at the Sydney Harbour Racecourse, Australia Sat 06 Dec 14, 02:00

1. Golden Dawn (Sardean Lodge) Jamel Shimmin
Golden Dawn very new to the Sardean table a Class 3 stable having his first outing in a World Cup Final in only his third season, with Classic and Local Cups already in the cabinet.
Golden Dawn was bred from the up and coming breeding barn Goresbridge Stud. Golden Dawn has been a steady improver and with the one start with the new stable had a good 2nd in her Heat. We may see yet more improvement and it would not surprise to see this filly give a bit of cheek in the Final.

2. Most Awesome Ever (Troublemaker's) Lavette Seelig
Very classy and well bred colt out of the dominate Troublemaker barn. Has the 2 starts with a Champagne win to its credit in its 2yo season. Kicked of his 3yo season with a 2nd in his Heat in the less suitable short Heat last week, this race looks made to order for Most Awesome ever to dominate in this field and take home a very sought after World Cup.

3. Fatalii (Stiff Competition) Duane Peppler
Fatalii has had the 6 starts and has been very consistent. Bred by Woogie Wood barn seems to be very much in the mix in this Guineas final. The trainer knows how to run well in medium cups having had the great Sludge Beast. So in Fatalii we may see the biggest danger to most Awesome Ever taking the Spring Guineas.

4. Galilei (Shinibana) Caitlin Sorber
Galilei out of Newton this highly rated colt scored a fantastic win earlier in the season in the 3yo Medium Breeders has 4 wins from his 5 starts including last weeks Heat win on slow
so there is a lot to like about this colt, but Galilei has to back up on a slow track and may find the going a bit harder still with this colt ability could still snare a top 3 finish.

5. Zee Freak (RCS Locos) Alfonso Mauseth
Well trained colt that has yet to find his best form with his best result a 3rd so maybe the Stalker style is causing a few dramas one would suspect being in such good hands this bay colt may yet find some form in this final and improve on its 8th in last weeks Heat .

6. Wild Girl (DLA raceclub) Zachary Koritko
Yet another Stalker stepping out for her 3rd race start in this final qualified via a 4th in her Heat. Is out of multiple WR holder and cup winner Wild Smokey so if breeding has anything to do with it expect a nice run from Wild Girl but being a stalker needs its final run well timed.

7. B's Wizard (BIG-B) Kendall Hise
No you are not seeing things, this is a BIG-B runner and yes in a medium Cup Final. But dont be fooled BIG-B with his experience in Cups will still be looking to be in the money 5th in his Heat and another bred out of the Troublemaker barn and in the hands of a master trainer so expect a good run from B's Wizard in the Final and maybe one to watch looking beyond the Guineas Final.

8. Zorino (New Scotland Yard) Tammara Topolansky
Another long time player sending out yet another classy horse to contest this weekend Guineas Final. Zorino purchased for a little over 3.5 million has a lot to like. To date the colt with just the 3 starts has 2 wins qualified with a 3rd in last weekend heats on slow ground .
now ground again comes into play but given Zorino form and who has trained him expect a good run in the Final.

9. Jakarta (Durbridge) Julieta Depadua
Jakarta is a well trained colt that has struggled to date in his races of course that is not to say he can't turn it around in this final no better time than the present to find some form being a Natural Champion at least we know even on slow this colt will tough out in what will be a hard race.

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December 4, 2014

SYDN2 The Ascot Vale Cup Final (1,200m)
Proudly sponsored by hareeba
This race is to be held at the Sydney Harbour Racecourse, Australia Sat 06 Dec 14, 02:15

Before kicking of this Ascot Vale preview let me say how good this field looks on paper.
We see stables stepping out with some outstanding 3yo yet again that are legends of the game. That will be again in the thick of it when the winning post looms. Plus other stables who have found good success in recent seasons and those who are on the cusp of cup glory. So all adds up to a great Final in Season 29.

1. Aleppo (Riddley Walker Racin) Scarlet Symanski
This 3yo bred by Riddley is high on experience and has been well managed to date with 3 starts to her name is yet to score a win but has been starting in the best of fields so one would suspect building towards that first win. Did qualify with a good 3rd in her Heat and
clearly big things are expected from Aleppo and it would not surprise if she takes out this season Ascot Final.

2. Hilikus Coop (Manor Park Stud) Deedee Lohrmann
Clearly in the hands of a master trainer and no doubt been well prepared for this Final with 2 starts and one win but what a win. Golden Slipper winner last season kicked of her season with a 2nd in her Heat behind Chocolate Habanero so a good lead up to this final expect this very experienced colt to be in the finish in what could be in one of the tightest Ascot ever seen.

3. For My Dirty Love (Ezulwini) Hong Diga
Very experienced trainer here with a few cup wins to his credit. Ezulwini sends out a colt that has been very solid in his starts to date in both Sires and Breeders Heats. In last week's Heats had nice 5th and being another Muddie must be given some hope, so I am sure the trainer will be hoping for a good result this Ascot Final.

4. Morpheus (Hareeba) Loma Meisel
Morpheus out of a great sprinting stable in hareeba, well bred Muddie whose dam was a multiple Cup winning sprinter Amphibian, so given her breeding will no doubt have those speed genes aplenty. Sinner of her Heat in good time and runner up in last seasons Golden Slipper so looks all class. So Morpheus looks another in the firing line in what could be a tight Final. Did i say this final was good?

5. Element Allure (Speed Breed) Penni Waitman
A stable that has been very consistent in Cups in recent seasons with his champion Arya Horseface will be looking to add to the cabinet with his young colt that has had 3 wins from his 5 starts. Last week saw Element Allure have a 2nd in his Heat so Iexpect a good run from Element Allure so another in the mix for a top 3 finish.

6. Chocolate Habanero (Stiff Competition) Duane Peppler
Stiffy has a second 3yo Mudlark on Cup day and this colt does lack exp thats for sure so well and truly must be among the chances this week after such a good Heat win last week with Stiffy experience with Mudlarks and having them in such good form going in will be part of what will be log jam of a finish.

7. Addie Over Snowey (crowsrock) Margy Kagimoto
One of the stables that has a number of good runners on the up and Addie Over Snowey maybe another. Well bred by crowrock from his stud Addie Over Red has only had the 3 starts with its best a 4th in the Ascot Heat. Now its a big step up in class here but one can be sure crowsrock will put his colt into this race very well prepared for the battle.

8. Lady Jumpstart (coniston) Jonell Cicarella
Coniston's 3yo filly has been very consistent in her 4 starts, ran a good 4th in her Heat and given the slow conditions and she is a early sprinter that is a pretty good run, given the standard of the field and its quality Lady Jumpstart may find the last 200m mighty painful, but is one to keep an eye on when their is a shift in ground.

9. Homer Rules (RCS Locos) Alfonso Mauseth
Very well bred 3yo from the RCS Locus barn this filly has been sent out in 7 starts for 2 wins.
Homer Rules has some good results in Local Cups, but this is easily her biggest test and being competitive this trait may take her a long way but Iwould prefer to see Home Rules on the better ground .

10. Darwin Daisey (DR Stables) Gilbert Sanchez
Well on face value you could be excused for over looking this filly, but then you take a closer look you see its in the hands of a master trainer winner of many World and Breeders Cups.
DR Stables does know how to get the most out of any young horse. Did run a good 3rd in last week's Heat so a good run from Darwin Daisey would not surprise me one bit.

11. Camael (Seven Sisters Stable) Daniel Trias
Camael with 2 starts has had the one win in the Green Apprentice and a good 3rd in a competitive Sunday Heat so has some good form to take in a Class 4 stable that has had a good results in recent times with wins in a Guru and Classic so a stable that's full of confidence and in this Ascot Final is willing to fully test her 3yo so good to see Seven Sister Stables having a crack in what could be a truly great Final.

12. Poisonous Oki (RUMP STEAK RACING) Maryland Landmesser(A)
Nice looking Mudlark here out of Dennis Gyllene this 3yo colt has been a bit up and down in the 3 starts and yet had the one win. Qualified with a 7th and being ridden by the stable Apprentice so will have his work cut out here among a elite group of sprinters.

13. Dotcom Baggins (kingston park) Stephany Bekius
Natural Champion stepping up to contest what may not suit best a sprint, but this well rated colt takes good form into this Cup Final. Had a 4th from his Heat, but given gate may find the inside runners a bit slick early. With the track conditions being slow this NC may tough it out and still have a solid result.

14. Rubyzac Bubblegum (Merev Farm) Corie Ercek
Rubyzac Bubblegum a gelding and unstyled that is yet to strike any form, but the trainer is prepared to give his gelding a run in top company. I suspect the going will be very hard for Rubyzac Bubblegum, but its a final you never know.

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December 4, 2014

SYDN4 The Lowe Guineas Cup Final (1,600m)
Proudly sponsored by hareeba
This race is to be held at the Sydney Harbour Racecourse, Australia Sat 06 Dec 14, 02:45
1. Blue Proteus (captaincrusoe) Niesha Cannuli
Blue Proteus a well bred 4yo that only made his debut in the Heats last week for an impressive win so this stallion has been taken along slowly yet this top rated horse does have plenty of experience. Everything points to captaincrusoe 4yo taking out this Lowe in impressive fashion and in turn bring home the stable first World Cup.

2. Tessa Al (Dopey Donkeys Digs) Leo Kroell
Another well bred mare with 2 World Cup victories to her credit those being the Champagne and Guineas, but the ground won't be in Tessa Al favour so may struggle to score a win here,
but given the obvious class of this 4yo I expect the mare may still battle it out for the minor money the trainer will hope so.

3. Silas Turds Chaser (Whispering Death) Tracey Vernoy
Another stallion that has quality form coming in with his best result being runner up in last seasons Guineas a very good effort, but like Tessa Al the ground being soft does not suit he is far better suited to the firm surface. That said did run 2nd in his Heat so expect this 4yo stallion to show a lot of fight in this race and still be in with a chance of a top 5 finish.

4. Forceful It's A (MolietsSurfer) Laveta Luderman
This stable is starting to deliver consistently good runners in these age Cups. Its only age Cup to date was a Lowe Guineas so one would suspect this resilient mare has a hard edge to her that may see her be around the money late in the race. Only has the 2 starts so early days for this 4yo. On exposed form maybe not going to win but one to bookmark as a contender in Cups down the track.

5. (scratched)

6. Dracarys (Meadowbrook) Johnathon Hiles
Dracarys is a winner of the 3yo Medium Breeders so has shown plenty of ability early on. Form since the Breeders win has not been quite as good, but 2 of those were over the longer journey. Back to medium distance had a 4th to qualify for this Final another fast tracker that may find the ground her biggest handicap .

7. Great-D Green Lion (Greatest Stable Ever) Jesus Pennington
No stranger to winning a World Cup over the medium distance having had Great Likes It Wet win a previous Lowe Guineas. This unstyled stallion has high experience yet only fair form maybe given the fact he is unstyled we may find this stallion may be one for the punters to look at for good value .

8. Aragorn Iii (Imperial Babanga) Reena Blust
This 4yo stallion given style and rating may find this field really hard to crack. Aragorn lii has raced over varied distances from sprint to epic with some good results but this is the stallion biggest test and like others given ground may be found wanting late in the race.

9. Cashy Icefall (Get Square Lodge) Dominique Marrs
A stalker with good experience and fair form. If there is a style that can run well on slow other than a Mudlark it could be Cashy Icefall has shown some form on the soft going and given the right ride may be in the mix for a top 5 finish.

10. Testa Dummy (zanzibar) Ling Watchorn
A Sunday Heat winner and also takes in strong form from his previous outings. Looks to be very underdone and will struggle to be fit come the Final so this needs space may need its fair share of luck just to finish injury free.

11. Aurean (Raspadora Lodge) Rey Jungman
Another crusty old timer that knows better than most how to get the most out of his runners
one can easily overlook Raspadora horses only for one of his to bite you on the arse so always capable of a upset. Expect Aurean to be in the mix its a needs space they are capable of holding their own on all types of surfaces so another that at odds may give a nice return on your investment .

12. Sparkle Wise (Back in black) Nakesha Broida
Another well trained stallion but yet faces the same hurdle so many will face race day the slow ground. Sparkle Wise form has not been the best, but has been running in a number of Cups and has a best a 3rd in a Magic Mile Heat. I am sure the trainer will be hoping for a good result time will tell how good it will be.

13. Cacorka Ptolemy (O Buadhaigh) Elicia Mould
Already a starter in 8 races and of late has lost all form. Another fast finisher and drawn off the track so has even more than the ground to overcome. May be a tough day at the office for this 4yo and likely be a very tired boy at the finish.

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December 4, 2014

SYDN5 Up&Coming Sprintstar Cup Final (1,200m)
Proudly sponsored by hareeba
This race is to be held at the Sydney Harbour Racecourse, Australia Sat 06 Dec 14, 03:00

1. Deledio Senseless (Manor Park Stud) Deedee Lohrmann
Another from the premier trainer in the game and will clearly go in as a hot favourite in this Sprintstar Final. Deledio Senseless is a multiple Cup Winner with the latest win the Emerald Shoe so get on board unless their is a mistake made chalk up another Cup win for the Manor Park juggernaut.

2. Starzipper (woodchuckers) Russ Pinkleton
This mare has been a consistent performer in most of her Cup starts the last a runner up to Deledio Senseless in the Emerald Shoe. Starzipper qualified with a 3rd in the short sprint last week and will be better suited to the longer 1200m. Should be among a group of 4 or 5 late in the race fighting it out for the minor placing.

3. Dermorphin (Hareeba) Marry Watterson
This quality 6yo did win a Golden Slipper as a 2yo and like others in this field has had to face the dominate pair who have dominated the age cups since his slipper win. Has been ultra consistent had a 4th in his Heat and over the 1200m may well come into the battle for the minor money.

4. Arya Horseface (Speed Breed) Penni Waitman
One of the 2 dominate 6yo of the age Cup scene with 4 majors to his credit I suppose if any Muddie can upset Deledio Senseless in this final its this mare. Has caused the odd upset in the past. Arya Horseface is clearly high in experience for both distance and surface
and like others in the final will fully appreciate the 1200m in the final.

5. Omnishambles (Double U Stables) Jamel Pahl
Classy 6yo high rated with many solid results to his name. Pity is he happens to be running in a very strong field with the mudlarks looking set to dominate the final. Isuspect Omnishambles will find himself looking for thee better ground in the future and maybe score a sprint shield at some point.

6. Inspired Jeopardy (The Willow's Elite) Jesus Grisanti
Nicely bred 6yo that has a nice record and has been very consistent with 6 wins and 10 placings from her 20 starts to date. Inspired Jeopardy best result a 3rd in the Emerald Shoe, so a big test for the mare in this seasons Final, but Iam sure the trainer will be hoping for a finish inside the top 5.

7. Hells Angel (RCS Locos) Alfonso Mauseth
Yet another handy runner from the RCS Locos barn Hells Angel to date has been a very consistent performer in her races. Hells Angel has 23 starts and 7 wins to her credit with a good 3rd in her last Cup Final on heavy so we can expect this competitive to be around the mark this weekend .

8. Monsieur Verdoux (Photo Finish) Tijuana Emayo
Photo Finish could not of timed his stallion run any better in his Heat and scored a very impressive win. This competitive will again have to find even more in the final over the 1200m to win. This Sprintstar with such a even spread of talent will make it hard for Monsieur Verdoux, but at least he has hit form at the right time.

9. Baracaspur (Sycamore) Cherri Jablon
A very early sprinter that the trainer has never been afraid to throw in a Cup even when conditions don't suit. Has a solid record with 19 starts and 5 wins had a decent 5th in his heat but given the ground Baracaspur may find the going not to his liking in the seasons Sprintstar.

10. Silverwood (Imperial Babanga) Angel Chech
Here we see Silverwood with no lack of starts under the belt 28 in all that also has decent experience. Silverwood does lack a style but may make up for that with a big hearted performance in the Final. Qualified with a 5th in his Heat so the connections will be looking for a good run from their 6yo.

11. Leane Sharif (Hideaway Hills) Luther Aubry
Leane Sharif another with over 20 starts and has 5 wins qualified with a 7th in her Heat on the slow ground one would suspect with the ground again being slow Leane Sharif will again struggle to stay with the muddies in this field.

12. Project (Globex) Drew Tornabene(A)
Its nice to se a class 3 stable again giving a world cup a go .
project has not been in the best of form and also lacks fitness going into the final .
its good to see a apprentice given the chance to ride in such a big final but it seems project will find the rise in class too great to overcome.

13. Dinsdale Willo (olivers) Maryjo Cluff(A)
A second Class 3 stable giving her mare a crack in a major Cup that will also be ridden by the stable Apprentice. At this stage also looks to be short on fitness so given that and her early sprinter style maybe in need of some first aid after the race.

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