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January 16, 2015

ROC25 The Amethyst Trophy (1,200m Sprints)
Proudly sponsored by The Alliance
This race is to be held at the Rocky Mountain Ridge Racecourse, America Sat 17 Jan 15, 18:00
1. 1,10,5,1,1 Carina Star (woodchuckers) Keven Amedeo
Recently broke through for her first world cup win in the sphinx over 1466. With such a short preparation for the Amethyst Sprint Carina Star will need to be at her best in the final in what looks a very strong field with a win in the 1000m says she can be in the mix for a top 3.

2. 1,2,1,1 Hilikus Coop (Manor Park Stud) Deedee Lohrmann
Already a 2 time cup winner of the Golden Slipper and the highly sought after Ascot Vale in the hands of one of the best in the game Manor Park so even on dead this muddie can contest given he won his heat last week so expect Hilikus Coop to be in the money once again.

3. 4,1,2,4,3 Chase The Ace (Blackjack Farms) Vergie Ellanson
Been a solid performer in races to date and will be hoping the ground ticks over to good to improve this stallion chances of a win with a good 3rd in a quality heat last week one can expect another good run from Chase The Ace come saturday maybe one to watch.

4. 1,3,4,2,5 Darwin Daisey (DR Stables) Thomasina Cockrell
First of the 2 runners from the DR Stables and probably his best chance of a good result with a 4th from last season ascot vale we see this horse can run. But on face value clearly its biggest test to date

5. 14,6,2,3,8 Western (DR Stables) Charlene Brosi
the 2nd runner from the DR Stables and no stranger to the cups but clearly may find the quality in this final a bit too slick but it is from a stable that clearly knows how to get the most out of his horses.

6. 2,2,2 Midnight (jeremyt) Eartha Poppleton
Maybe only the 3 starts but been 2nd in them all and high on experience. Does have my former cup winning jockey on board so easily a winning chance on Saturday.

7. 4,1,1,1,3 Mysterio (kingstown) Hedwig Desatnik
Not yet been a cup contender in the age cups but carries in 6 wins from 9 starts and a 3rd from his heat with such form and being a stalker you simplay cant rule Mysterio out of a top 5 finish at least.

9. 1,5,2,2,1 Scrumpy Little (RUMP STEAK RACING) Maryland Landmesser
This runner has 13 starts 4 wins with her first cup start being a win in last Sunday Heats
big rise in class on that and may find others a bit to quick on the day but its good to see the trainer giving scrumpy little a run once in you never know.

10. 18,13,6,9,4 Barbados Sunshine (Globex) Drew Tornabene(A)
A stallion thats not in the best of shape and maybe best spelled but he is in and may give the apprentice a bit more experience due to the run.

11. 7,10,9,14,6 Kalamata (Whispering Death) David Jimison
in the barn of a talented trainer and he has had kalamata in the toughest of races the age cups so never been afraid to test his mare against the best of fields, but as yet has not been able to contest like he might have hopefully the improvement comes in Saturday tough cup final.

12. 15,1,1,4,2 Atchoo (ricardo) Gayle Karter
Atchoo been consistent a 2nd in the Sunday Heat, but is unlikely to be fit for the final and Ricardo will be hoping his charge might make it through without injury very tough to back up from a sunday heat but we will see.

13. 1,2,4,12,7 Steppin' Ella (Chingford Stable) Zula Shunnarah(A)
Steppin' Ella had good form but since taking on the age cups found the going a bit hard has a apprentice on board and he will gain some nice experience but big rise this particular cup so might fine the going pretty hard.

14. 7,7,2,4,3 Leaves Then (Rawhide) Temeka Calabria
another 4yo with not a lot of experience in the age cups another that ran a sunday heat for 3rd and the draw and being fit may be the biggest hurdle to this stallion producing her best form.

15. 2,7,5,7,7 Homer Rules (RCS Locos) Lakeesha Rotondi
Homer Rules is a well trained stallion that show glimpses of talent and did finish 5th in last season ascot but again draw may be a major hurdle homer rules wont overcome, but probably will run home late.

16. 7,4,7,8,3 Cyan Faithful (Hummers Champions) Verena Hansson
In the hands of a Class 2 stable in for the battle and good to see the trainer give her mare the chance to run will find the rise from the sunday heat pretty big but it will be a good learning experience for sure just by running.

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January 16, 2015

SYDN28 The Ascot Vale Cup (1,200m)
Proudly sponsored by hareeba
This race is to be held at the Sydney Harbour Racecourse in Australia Sat 17 Jan 15, 03:21

1. 7,5,8,5,1 Cruize In The Nude (DR Stables) Thomasina Cockrell
Comes from a line of champions this colt so may have a lot to live up too. I am sure DR Stables will have this CRUIZE primed for crack at a top 5 result at least after a win in last weeks heats certainly around the mark. Maybe one to look at in multiples certainly has a name to look out for.

2. 5,3,3,6,4 Redskin (DR Stables) Charlene Brosi
Busy barn again racing a pair in a cup final and with conditions to suit. Has solid form from previous cup starts with a place in the 2yo Breeders Sprint so this colt can run and with this stables record in age cups must be considered a chance to get in the money once again.

3. 1,1,6,1,4 B's Arctic (BIG-B) Mari Brazzell
Not known for his sprinters but certainly known for winning cups and with a nice muddie here thats a 2-time cup winner must be considered one of the horses to beat. Winner of both the Golden Slipper and Breeders Sprint with ground to suit may pay to get on.

4. 1,1,5,1 Idiot Wind (trouble racing) Malcolm Rolfson
3 wins from 5 starts but yet to strike that winning form in the cups so a big test for this colt and maybe the biggest worry could be its only run over the distance was a 6th

5. 3,1 Pompey Power (Ashacre) Arvilla Vinyard
Very talented 3yo filly was a expensive buy in last seasons sales and with only the 2 starts for a good 3rd in the golden slipper and first up in season 30 a win in last week heats looks the goods so a serious contender for silverware this weekend .

6. 5 Colby Wisha Echoes (brennin's) Vicki Buffkin
Only the one start for a 5th last week so not a lot to go on given this its hard to gauge how well this filly might go best to watch and see how she goes in this quality field.

7. 1,7,6,16,2 Thunder Fantasy (countrry boy) Emelda Riney
A filly of hot and cold form but seems on her day can produce a quality result .
so take on trust could be one that might put in good run and get in the money or finish midfield or worse so for this filly start all important.

8. 1,3,5,2 Rex Daze (Meadowbrook) Sima Connley
A filly of consistant form facing a giant hurdle in that the ground will likely bring her unstuck .
still high quality sprinter and one to watch when the ground turns later in the season.

9. 3,2,2,2,3 Monsoon (Meadowbrook) Carlos Cullivan
Stablemate of Rex Daze and a much better chance of doing well being a mudlark and after a good 3rd in the saturday heat the trainer must be thinking Monsoon can give some cheek and get into the money and at decent odds too.

10. 4,2,6 Shooting To Win (Le Saint Stables) Jerry Bruns
the roughie here not had many starts and a 6th last week may find both the ground and mudlarks a bit tough but will get some experience and will have to wait for a firmer surface.

11. 2,8,8 Fools (Parrot's Aspire) Caleb Hauge
ig rise in class even for a 3yo this ascot final But its early days for this colt and in time might be able to be competitive in cups in seasons to come.

12. 4,3,9,3 Rokkit Sir (Green Park) Eloy Windsheimer
Very well bred colt and a stalker that is a style even on slow can produce and barnstorming finish only 4 starts and maybe one to watch develop and see how he goes in his first big final.

13. 5,11,12,3 Alda Lubeck Let (Merev Farm) Reginald Mcisaac
Up until last week heat this unstyled filly was yet to show anything on the track
but a good 3rd was a great result but drawn off the track with plenty of speed inside so the jockey has his work cut out just to get this filly close to the rail.

14. 1,8,8,7 Railer (New Scotland Yard) Roxy Wedding
Showed good promise in her first start Railer winning a prelude of the golden slipper but since the form has gone south i am sure the trainer is doing all he can to reverse the trend .

15. 19,1,2,4,9 One Pound Peter (Three Legged Mule) Stormy Leischner
a class 3 stable in to have a go and no bigger teat for a young sprinter than the ascot vale.
that said big task drawn wide and fitness is in doubt so truly a big task ahead for One Pound Peter this saturday

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