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Organized by Magoo of Magoo's Fine Equine

The Apprentice League has been an excellent way to gain experience for horse and jockey alike, as
most regular competitors will be able to atest to, but anyone who hasn't taken part before, please give
it some consideration, as you'll be more than welcome?

This season's races will alternate between short and long distances, and as usual races will be for European based 2 yos only, and apprentice jockeys. Races will again be held at either London Bridge,
or any European local track, with sponsors deciding where they'd prefer.

Last season's league was dominated by 2 Warsaw stables, YellonkY and Premier Bluebirds, with 10 wins from the 12 races run, and despite YellonkY having more wins it was the relative newbies Bluebirds who emerged overall winners at the end of the campaign. New stables shouldn't be put off by that dominance though, as anyone can come here and do well, with the right mix of luck and good judgement.

Whether you're an old hand, or a brand new player, you are more than welcome to enter.

Season Schedule and Sponsors:
July 9th - short - 1300m - Magoo (Magoo's Fine Equine)
July 16th - long - 1850m - Magoo (Magoo's Fine Equine)
July 23rd - short - 1350m - Oldgit (Bentley Fields)
July 30th - long - 1900m - Deanmik (Premier Bluebirds)
Aug 6th - short - 1400m - Josephbird (Joe Birds)
Aug 13th - long - 2000m - HenryCecil (HakunaMatata)
Aug 20th - short - 1450m - Garymac09 (Garymac09)
Aug 27th - long - 2100m - Iimrmobility (Shopriders)
Sept 3rd - short - 1500m - Acekicker (Villagers Stud)
Sept 10th - long - 2150m - AllyMac (St Andrews Stables)
Sept 17th - short - 1300m - Kostor (YellonkY)
Sept 24th - long- 2200m - Xpres (Photo Finish)

London Bridge Forum


22 Aug 10, 03:38

Week 7 result -

1. Bentley Fields 10 pts
2. YellonkY 8 pts
3. Magoo's Fine Equine 7 pts
4. Joe Birds 6 pts
5. Shopriders 5 pts
6. Garymac09 4 pts
7. Yeguada Lengokoak 3 pts
8. Tall Oaks II 2 pts
9. Lucky 11 1 pt

Congratultions to Bentley Fields, who chalked up their first ever apprentice league win, as
romped clear of the tiring Elmer Fudd in the final quarter.

Terry Icky also came fast at the end to pip Magoo's FE's horse for 2nd at the finish line.
A little way back, Joe Birds new short racer Bory Blanche and Shopriders Even Fred took 4th and 5th respectively, after needing a photo finish to seperate them.

The win lifts Bentley Fields into 4th place overall, with YellonkY breaking into the top 10 for the first time since week 1, after their 2nd place. Magoo's 3rd place means Joe Birds' lead at the top is cut, but only
by a single point. They still lead by a massive 28 pt margin.

Overall Table -

1. Joe Birds 62 pts
2. Magoo's Fine Equine 34 pts
3. St Andrews Stables 26 pt
4. Bentley Fields 25 pts
5. Stald Kobilo 23 pts
6. Premier Bluebirds 21 pts
7. Villagers Stud 18 pts
8. Leilani Lodge 15 pts
9. YellonkY 12 pts
10.Photo Finish 12 pts

Next week's race:

27 Aug GLAS2 App League Race 8 (2100m Gr. I)
Sponsored by iimrmobility of shopriders

The race is to be held at Glasgow Clyde Racecourse, EUROPE, at 09:14, Fri 27th Aug.

Race purse is $195,000 with a Stake per runner of $5,000

Eligibility Criteria:
All Classes, 2yo's, all genders, apprentices ride only

Invitations will open to the public at 09:14, Tue 24th Aug


London Bridge Forum


14 Aug 10, 08:09

Week 6 result -

1. Joe Birds 10 pts
2. Premier Bluebirds 8 pts
3. St Andrews Stables 7 pts
4. What the Stables 6 pts
5. Photo Finish 5 pts
6. Orion's Stars 4 pts
7. Shopriders 3 pts
8. Villagers Stud 2 pts
9. HakunaMatata 1 pt

Another week, another win for Joe Birds! Doubt Emotion easing home to take the win by almost a
second from Bluebirds' Mikel Azure, who left the final push a liitle too late for victory.

St Andrews' Jammy Beau had to settle for 3rd after a promising start, running out of steam in the
second half of the race. Newcomer What the Stables' Blarney Batteries (with a rocket fast finish), and Photo Finish's Tiger Seer had to settle for 4th and 5th, rounding off the money-earners.

The win sees Joe Birds lead at the top extended to 29 pts, more than double the amount closest rivals Magoo's have earned this season so far, after neither Magoo's or 3rd placed Kobilo picked up any
points. At the halfway stage of the season, it's already looking sewn-up for Josephbird, barring the
biggest comeback ever (or the biggest crash).

Overall Table -

1. Joe Birds 56 pts
2. Magoo's Fine Equine 27 pts
3. St Andrews Stables 26 pt
4. Stald Kobilo 23 pts
5. Premier Bluebirds 21 pts
6. Villagers Stud 18 pts
7. Leilani Lodge 15 pts
8. Bentley Fields 15 pts
9. Photo Finish 12 pts
10.HakunaMatata 10 pts

Next week's race is over 1450m.


Anyone still after an invite, please contact Garymac09. Best of luck.

London Bridge Forum


06 Aug 10, 09:36

Week 5 result -

1. Joe Birds 10 pts
2. Magoo's Fine Equine 8 pts
3. Stald Kobilo 7 pts
4. Premier Bluebirds 6 pts
5. Villagers Stud 5 pts
6. St Andrews Stables 4 pts
7. Bentley Fields 3 pts
8. YellonkY 2 pts
9. Lucky 11 1 pt

After having to settle for 2nd best last time out, Joe Birds' Ashleigh Brown turned the tables on Magoo's Elmer Fudd to edge her to her second apprentice league win this season.

Stald Kobilo's Nilly Strider took 3rd, outpacing Premier Bluebirds' Stewie Bebot as it began to tire in the
last quarter. Villagers Stud's Our Windsor held on for 5th to secure the last of the day's purse.

The win further extends Joe Birds already substantial lead at the top of the table to a massive 19 pts. Magoo's and Stald Kobilo stay 2nd and 3rd, after finishing in those same placings today, but it will be
very difficult for either to bridge the gap now, especially if Joe Birds can maintain their current form.

Overall Table -

1. Joe Birds 46 pts
2. Magoo's Fine Equine 27 pts
3. Stald Kobilo 23 pts
4. St Andrews Stables 19 pt
5. Villagers Stud 16 pts
6. Leilani Lodge 15 pts
7. Bentley Fields 15 pts
8. Premier Bluebirds 13 pts
9. HakunaMatata 9 pts
10.Lucky 11 8 pts

Next week's race is the 2000m.


Anyone still looking for an invite please contact HenryCecil (HakunaMatata). Good luck to you all.

London Bridge Forum


30 Jul 10, 10:07

Week 4 result -

1. Joe Birds 10 pts
2. Stald Kobilo 8 pts
3. Lucky 11 7 pts
4. Stiff Competition 6 pts
5. Photo Finish 5 pts
6. St Andrews Stables 4 pts
7. HakunaMatata 3 pts
8. Villagers Stud 2 pts
9. Magoo's Fine Equine 1 pt

Joe Birds once more proved they are going to be hard to shift from top spot, as Doubt Emotion
outlasted Stald Kobilo's Nilly Strider, to give them their 2nd win this season.

A couple of new faces to the league popped up, with Lucky 11's Babe Ruth and Stiff Competition's
Stiff Meister, taking 3rd and 4th respectively, with Photo Finish's Tiger Seer just behind in 5th.

The win sees Joe Birds taking a massive 17 pt overall lead, after nearest challengers Magoo's FE
could only manage a single point from today's race. Stald Kobilo's 2nd place moves them up to 3rd
place overall.

Overall Table -

1. Joe Birds 36 pts
2. Magoo's Fine Equine 19 pts
3. Stald Kobilo 16 pts
4. St Andrews Stables 15 pt
5. Leilani Lodge 15 pts
6. Bentley Fields 12 pts
7. Villagers Stud 11 pts
8. HakunaMatata 9 pts
9. Lucky 11 7 pts
10.ArmiaZ 7 pts

Next week's race is the 1400m.


Anyone looking for an invite, please contact Josephbird (Joe Birds). Please bear in mind that
because this race has been set up as an invitational, the race will not open to the public,
so the only way to enter is by requesting an invite.

Best of luck to everyone.

London Bridge Forum


23 Jul 10, 12:46

Week 3 result -

1. Magoo's Fine Equine 10 pts
2. Joe Birds 8 pts
3. Leilani Lodge 7 pts
4. Bentley Fields 6 pts
5. Tribute to Dzamajka 5 pts
6. Premier Bluebirds 4 pts
7. Villagers Stud 3 pts
8. Tall Oaks II 2 pts
9. Stald Kobilo 1 pt

Elmer Fudd came off the bench to grind out Magoo's FE's first apprentice league win of the season,
barely holding off Joe Birds' Ashleigh Brown's storming finish to take victory.

Leilani Lodge's Bugs Carlotta continued his season's good form to take 3rd, with Bentley Fields
American Way and newcomers Tribute to Dzamajka's Khol Fabio taking 4th and 5th respectively.

Joe Birds lead is now extended to 8 pts at the top of the table, after nearest challengers St Andrews Stables failed to score any points this week. Magoo's FE's win takes them into 2nd, with both Leilani
Lodge and Bentley Fields both leapfrogging St Andrews too into 3rd and 4th.

Overall Table -

1. Joe Birds 26 pts
2. Magoo's Fine Equine 18 pts
3. Leilani Lodge 15 pts
4. Bentley Fields 12 pts
5. St Andrews Stables 11 pt
6. Villagers Stud 9 pts
7. Stald Kobilo 8 pts
8. ArmiaZ 7 pts
9. Premier Bluebirds 7 pts
10.HakunaMatata 6 pts

Next week's race is the 1900m.


Anyone looking for an invite, please contact Deanmik (Premier Bluebirds). Best of luck.

London Bridge Forum


17 Jul 10, 01:26

Week 2 result -

1. St Andrews Stables 10 pts
2. Joe Birds 8 pts
3. Stald Kobilo 7 pts
4. HakunaMatata 6 pts
5. Garymac09 5 pts
6. Magoo's Fine Equine 4 pts
7. Shopriders 3 pts
8. Photo Finish 2 pts
9. Villagers Stud 1 pt

Jammy Beau gives St Andrews Stables their first ever win in the Apprentice League. The damage was done in the third quarter, where they hit the front, taking a big lead, and although visably tiring at the
end, somehow managed to hold on to the line, and deny Joe Birds a second consecutive victory from the strong finishing Doubt Emotion.

Stald Kobilo's Nilly Strider finished 3rd, managing to just about hold off both HakunaMatata's Peejay Weeks Doc and Garymac09's Dead Athlete, to show that the stable's strong finish to last season wasn't just beginners luck, and they may well be a force to be reckoned with.

St Andrews' win takes them into 2nd place overall this season, but even at this early stage Joe Birds are looking like they'll be the one to beat this season, with curently a 7 pt lead at the top, after only 2 races. Can anyone challenge them? Only time will tell.

Overall Table -

1. Joe Birds 18 pts
2. St Andrews Stables 11 pt
3. Leilani Lodge 8 pts
4. Magoo's Fine Equine 8 pts
5. Stald Kobilo 7 pts
6. ArmiaZ 7 pts
7. HakunaMatata 6 pts
8. Bentley Fields 6 pts
9. Villagers Stud 6 pts
10.Garymac09 5 pts

Next week's race is the 1350m.


Anyone looking for invites please contact Oldgit (Bentley Fields). Best of luck to you all.

London Bridge Forum


13 Jul 10, 21:47

Folks, to coincide with my sponsored Apprentice League race on Friday July 30th, I've now also added
in 4 other races so that our apprentices can get some practice!

They are cheap as chips to enter at just $100 each and were also cheap to create at just $10,000 each.

But it's not about the prize money, it's all about your apprentices gaining experience.
They go in order of long, sprint, medium and short so if you've got two apprentices (one for the sprint/short races and one for the medium/long ones) then they can both take part in all of them.

I did contemplate putting restrictions on the races but in the end decided against it and if an 'outsider' wants to come in and steal the massive prize money on offer then so be it.

The only restriction is that they are apprentice rides only.

I'll be sending out invitations to all sponsors but should also then have a few left per race so if anyone
else does fancy one then let me know.





London Bridge


06 Jul 10, 10:56

Races kick off this Friday (July 9th), so hopefully we'll see as many of you as possible entering, to kick
the season off in the right manner. Whether you're an old hand, or a brand new player, you'll still be
more than welcome to enter.

Invites have already gone out for the first 2 races, but dont be put off if you haven't got one, as we only get a limited amount, and there's still places available when the races open to the public. Races 3 and 4 have also been set up, so please contact their sponsors if you would like invites to those. It may be an idea to get in quickly though, as races tend to fill fast, particularly at the start of the season.

The season's opener is over 1300m, and is currently open to the public.


Race 2 (1850m)


Race 3 (1350m)


Race 4 (1900m)


Best of luck to everybody this season. May the best stable win.

London Bridge Forum


Week 1 result -

1. Joe Birds 10 pts
2. Leilani Lodge 8 pts
3. ArmiaZ 7 pts
4. Bentley Fields 6 pts
5. Villagers Stud 5 pts
6. Magoo's Fine Equine 4 pts
7. Premier Bluebirds 3 pts
8. YellonkY 2 pts
9. St Andrews Stables 1 pt

A slightly dissapointing turnout for the season's opening Apprentice League race, just 17 runners, but nonetheless a competitive race. Joe Birds take the seasons early plaudits, after Ashleigh Brown stayed
the course to win, holding off Leilani Lodge's Bugs Carlotta.

A strong finish from ArmiaZ's Alexis Knightly meant Bentley Fields' American Way had to settle for 4th,
with Villagers Stud rounding off the money winners as Our Windsor held off Magoo's Salsabil in the
closing stages.

Biggest surprises of the day though have to be last years top 2 stables, Premier Bluebirds and YellonkY, finishing down in 7th and 8th respectively. Surely not a glimpse of things to come? Early days in the season as yet, but a definate warning that no-one, regardless of reputations, has a divine right to win!

Next week's race is the first long race of the season, the 1850m.

Apprentice League Week 2

Hope to see you all there. Best of luck to everyone.

London Bridge Forum


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