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The ORLWorld was born on September 2nd 2002 in an Exhibition season with only nine players from the Tecmo's old Gallop Racer 2001 forum. The GR2001 game engine supported the Hard Core League for two seasons and the Iron Horse League for one. GR2003 & Attheraces 2003 (Pal) came next and supported the New Breed League for two seasons. Tecmo next released GR2004 and Gallop 2 (Pal) which supported the Lucky Seven League which is about to begin its fifth season. GR2006 was released next and the League of Champions is about to begin its third season.

Within a year after the ORLWorld had begun we met Mark Loveday, the creator of an amazing horse racing simulation called Starters Orders Pro. Ever since then the ORLWorld has supported this game series. The Starters Orders Pro League was created for multiplayer competition of SO players which is now in its eighth season. A player by the name of DodgyDave contacted me and offered to build an interface for the SOPL so that it would be easier for the staff to manage the ever growing league. He built what is now called the Trainers Office Manager or TOM. It revolutionized the league management and greatly aided in the growth of the league.

Mark has since released a game called Greyhound Manager which its new league Greyhound Pro League, has just completed its Inaugural season and is preparing for its second season.

The ORLWorld had been in existence for about 1 1/2 years when some of the Gallop Racer players became interested in an online game now called Derby Fever. They formed a league and called it the GR Simsters.  Within two years they were the top league in the world, 

competing in that game. This year created their own website and have since move their entire operation over into the site. The site is called the GR Simsters.

The ORLWorld supports several other horse racing games with forums such as Frankie Dettori Racing, the G1 Jockey series, the Winning Post series, Horse Racing Fantasy and more.

Jim Kennedy
aka: JimCougar

The screen capture above shows one of the horses that competed in the first season in the ORLWorld in 2002. That league was called the Hardcore League.

The Online Racing League World (ORLWorld) offers forums and organized leagues for horse racing and other racing games such as Gallop Racer 2001, Gallop Racer 2003, Gallop Racer 2003, Gallop Racer 2003 AtTheRaces (pal), Gallop Racer 2004, Gallop Racer 2 (pal), Gallop Racer 2006, Starters Orders Pro, Starters Orders 2, Starters Orders 2 Deluxe, Starters Orders 3, Track King, Greyhound Manager, Derby Fever, G1 Jockey, G1 Jockey 4, Winning Post, Melbourne Cup/Frankie Dettori Racing. Go to the page to learn more or you may email us at jimcougar@aol.com

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